Tips and Tricks – Save your money on the speaker cables. How to choose the right speaker cable. How to make the DIY speaker cables. Jaké použít reproduktorové kabely – jak vyrobit reproduktorové kabely:

How works the condenser – capacitor – Kondensator in the speaker crossover? Demonstration of the function of the condensers – capacitors – with the legendary Goodmans Hifax 50 HX compression horn tweeters ca. 1970. Why are your tweeters damaged? Dangerous old condensers. Jak funguje kondenzátor v reproduktorové výhybce – kondenzátory ve výhybkách – reproduktorové výhybky:

Noisy Vinyl? How to Play LP Vinyl Records Wet Under Water – Dry or Wet – What sounds better? How to remove the noise from the vinyl records? How to minimalize the noise from the music on the vinyl records. Removing the noise. Usefull for transferring vinyl records to digital music files. Turntable real TEST – Demonstration – Just Add Water and you will see – hear the difference. How to archive the Vinyl Records. Jak přehrávat gramofonové LP desky pod vodou:

Co to je citlivost reproduktorů – jak se měří citlivost reproduktorů – vliv citlivosti reproduktorů na zvukový projev reproduktoru – influence of the sensitivity in dB on the loudness of the speaker. Sensitivity +3dB more = twice higher loudness. Sensitivity is most easily defined as the speakers’ ability to effectively convert power into sound. The traditional way of measuring a speakers’ sensitivity is using the standard of 1 watt/1 meter. Meaning a microphone is placed 1 meter away from the speaker to measure the sound output (in decibels) with 1 watt of sound played through it:

How to refurbish – recolour the speaker cone at home? Without any special equipment. Jak dobarvit membránu reproduktoru v domácích podmínkách?:

How to make the DIY turntable belt at home – TIPS AND TRICKS (10.) How to replace the belt. Plattenspieler Riemen – gumička pohonu talíře gramofonu. Jak vyrobit gumičku pohonu hlavního talíře gramofonu – stačí letecká guma a vhodné lepidlo:

Audio Tone Test STEREO – MONO – Phase 440Hz – Frequency 20Hz to 20kHz Human Audio Spectrum Test your home audio – with this audio signal you can test your speakers – loudspeakers – Lautsprecherboxen. Are your boxes connected correctly in the Phase or out of the Phase? Do you have any problem in the boxes? You will find it with this video. This signal frequency test you can use not only for the stereo but also for the subwoofer – the signal is from 20 Hz. Left channel, right channel and stereo. Testovací signály pro kontrolu reproduktorů a reprosoustav:

How to simply choose the GOOD SOUNDING CD player. Digital/Analog Converter List:… On the intro-photo you see the Sony CDP-2700. Jak jednoduše vybrat CD přehrávač s dobrým zvukem:

Bass Test Sound – Car Subwoofer Test – Extreme Frequency 20Hz to 200Hz How to Test your Car or Home Sub with the extreme low frequency from 20 Hz – Hertz up to 200 Hz. How low – deep can you go? See on the monitor the signal frequency which is playing. Feel the BASS – Mega BASS Ultra Deep from 20 Hz. 1 Minute – One Minute BASS TEST – Deepest BASS. Can you hear the 20 Hz Frequency?

How Important are the Speaker Cables – SAVE YOUR MONEY – Demonstration. How big is the influance of the speaker cables on the sound of the loudspeakers – speakers. Expensive or Cheap speaker cables. Which type of speaker cables is the best to use? How to choose the speaker cables? Which Wire Gauge to use – Which Wire Gauge is the best – 10 Gauge, 12 Gauge, 14 Gauge, 16 Gauge. How to transfer the AWG American Wire Gauge to metric milimetres – Conversion AWG. Has the length of the wires influance on the sound of the Loudspeakers? Thick or thin speaker cables? Reproduktorové kabely – Reprokabely – Jaké použít reprokabely – Jaké kabely jsou nejlepší. Má vliv délka kabelů na zvuk reprosoustav?:

How to pull out the speaker dust cap? Jak opravit – srovnat – vyrovnat středový vrchlík reproduktoru podtlakem za využití běžného vysavače:

What Is The MOST DANGEROUS For Your Boxes ??? Co je nejnebezpečnější pro Vaše reprosoustavy:

How to save your money - purchasing old loudspeakers. Na co si dát pozor při nákupu starých reprosoustav - nakupujeme staré reprosoustavy a reproduktory 
JBL TLX 111 with the PU cone surroundings - If you do not like to repair them it is not good idea to buy them.
 PF 2018 - Be in better condition - How to make the best Do It Yourself Turntable - Plattenspieler - Jak vyrobit nejlepší Gramofon.

JBL XTi 60 Floorstanding Loudspeakers – Speakers – Boxes – with the PU cone surroundings – If you do not like to repair them it is not good idea to buy them.

How to simply refurbish the wooden surface of the speaker boxes (no serious damages) – TIPS AND TRICKS – Jak oživit povrch starých reprosoustav:

How to dismount the back plate of the Speaker Boxes? – TIPS AND TRICKS – jak rozebrat reprosoustavy, jak demontovat zadní desku bez poškození:

How to refurbish the Loudspeakers within 40 minutes – Tesla ARS 1058 Czechoslovakia TIPS AND TRICKS (19.)

The Weak Link of the Audio Chain – Budget Old Vintage Audio Setup – CZ – Czech subtitles – české titulky.

How to Convert AWG – American Wire Gauge to Metric. AWG – American Wire Gauge – is an U.S. standard for wire conductor size. The Gauge is related to the diameter of the wire. Larger Gauge means smaller diameter and thinner wire:

Manual cleaning of the knobs – Tesla 814A. See also the video with the ULTRASONIC CLEANING. Jak čistit – vyčistit knoflíky u zesilovače:

How to switch on the SHARP SX-8800H Power Amplifier – Jak zapnout koncový zesilovač Sharp. TIPS and TRICKS. What is inside? How to turn this amplifier on? – 12V DC Relais

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